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50 Years Ago

From the Herald and Democrat in 1968

Dean Mauch, Phillips 66 dealer at Siloam Springs 66 Service, Highway 68 and S. Mt. Olive, was selected as a second period District Award winner in the Arkansas District in the 1968 Phillips Good Neighbor Program, L.G. Denny, Memphis Division Manager announced.

"In our mobile society, where the service station is an absolute necessity, the Phillips Good Neighbor program is designed to motivate the dealer to keep his station neat, clean and attractive -- doing his share to help keep America beautiful," Denny said.

"The winner of the award was recognition of Dealer Dean Mauch's interest in this most worthwhile, nationwide program.

30 Years Ago

From the Herald-Democrat in 1988

Jan Henegar had worked at Simmons Industries Inc. for 25 years as of July 15. This event was celebrated on July 20 with an office party at Simmons Industries.

Jan was originally from Tulsa where she attended school. In 1962, Jan and her husband, Jim, moved to Siloam Springs.

In 1963, she became secretary to Lynch Butler, who was President of Simmons Industries Inc. Lynch said, "Jan is a true professional in every sense. She has been a loyal company employee and has always done a terrific job."

Henegar said she believes that Bill Simmons would be very proud of the progress and growth that the company has made.

10 Years Ago

From the Herald-Leader in 2008

Coyotes became increasingly attracted to Siloam Springs Municipal Airport and its runway. So much so that the city had received a permit from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to control them.

"The airport and the coyotes have co-existing for about two years," said Judy Toler, administrative assistant to the city administrator. "The sightings became more visible in the last six months."

They had been lying out on the runway until recently. Possibly, the hot weather had kept them away for the time being.

No coyotes had been captured or killed since the city was granted the state permit in July.

The airport's had no accidents or near misses since the coyotes started coming out on the runway.

"The coyotes have been a bit more comfortable this year, and rather than staying in the bushes like they have in prior years, they have now been coming out and actually lying on the runway," Toler said.

The state permit allowed the city to kill coyotes.

The city previously planned to capture and relocate the animals.

However, employees of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said this was not recommended because the coyotes would either return to the same area or over-populate the area to which they would be relocated.

Now, if needed, animal services employees would use a tranquilizer to capture the animals and have them euthanized and cremated.

Community on 08/08/2018

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