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Does Siloam Springs need new leadership?

Voters are now in the process of choosing members for the Siloam Springs Board of Directors. Those elected will determine whether city leadership makes future decisions beneficial to everyone. The following is a synopsis of decisions and actions by the board in recent years.

Usually, the desecration of a cemetery is done by vandals; however, disturbing grave sites and building a trail through the center of historic Hico Cemetery was an act by city government -- and there are those who still feel sorrow and outrage.

Mount Olive Street is uncomfortably narrow for family automobiles and poses a hazard when, for example, a school bus meets a fire truck or other large vehicle -- in order to make way, the bus driver must fold in the side mirrors on the bus. There are many people who would patronize downtown businesses; but can't handle the narrow traffic lanes and backing out of a parking space unable to see oncoming traffic.

Heavily traveled Mount Olive Street will afford the only full view of Memorial Park; however, inexplicably, standing front and center are the toilets. Couldn't they at least have matched the brick with the library?

A plan recently approved will connect an incomplete section of the bike trail. Since bikers and pedestrians take precedence over motorists, "pinch points" will be constructed out into the streets -- beginning at Carl, going east on Harvard, north on Elm and east on Jefferson. As one drives along those streets, there will be "pinch points" where curbing has been extended out into the street, and vehicles coming from opposite directions must stop and take turns passing through the single traffic lane. Only board member Bob Coleman voted against this plan, which has totally dumbfounded residents of this city. Is this really "...what the people wanted?"

On the ballot in each of the three wards where two candidates are running, there's one well qualified candidate who wants to bring common sense back to city leadership -- Ward 1, David Allen; Ward 3, Marla Sappington; and Ward 4, Lesa Brosch. David is a former board member and mayor, with extensive business experience. One opposing candidate is a nice person, but without experience in business or government and seems to feel Siloam Springs is on the right track; another candidate is a current member of the board, and the third was involved with making downtown "pedestrian friendly."

Barbara Foreman

Siloam Springs

Editorial on 10/31/2018

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor

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