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I am happily surprised at how easily our GMC Yukon (Traveler) pulled the trailer (La Casita) over the mountain passes.

I faced my first major concern of the trip as we drove over Wolf Creek Pass, just north of Pagosa Springs, Colo. I had gone over the pass many times, but not while pulling a trailer. However, my concerns were unfounded: As we passed other over-heated cars (that were not pulling a trailer) on the side of the road, our 5,400-pound Yukon pulled the 4,500-pound trailer over the steep eight-mile incline to almost 11,000 feet altitude with no problem. Normally driving in either the sixth or seventh gear while pulling the trailer, we dropped only to fourth and fifth gears during the climb, and the engine temperature raised only 25 degrees. I was a happy camper! (I didn't need to stop and help the stalled drivers, for their help had already arrived. We were not callously ignoring them.)

We encountered several minor climbs and passes on our way to Buena Vista, Colo., and several stiff climbs from there to Denver; but we were not in a hurry and the engine heated up only 15 degrees above normal.

We have not encountered any harsh winds yet; therefore, thanks to the sway bars, La Casita has swayed very little. We check the weather report every day to see what kind of weather we might encounter; but if we are caught off-guard and if the trailer begins to sway, all I have to do is to push two levers near the steering wheel and power will be applied to the trailer's brakes which will stop the motion. This car was built from the bottom up to handle the load.

The Yukon has ... let me interrupt myself. I am not paid to advertise the GMC Yukon. I am merely relating my experiences, feelings and thoughts. Now, where was I? Oh yes ...

The Yukon has many features that make it an ideal vehicle to pull a trailer. Although it is built to pull up to 8,000 pounds, La Casita is only 4,500 pounds with all of our stuff in it. Therefore, as long as I treat the car properly, change oil regularly, keep air in both trailer and car tires to the proper pressure, etc., the car should last quite a while.

Yes, I understand that unforeseen events happen. Mechanical things sometimes break down and many kinds of problems can occur. But with our eight-year GMC warranty and our AAA insurance coverage, I should have no major problems.

Towing the trailer is an easy pull for the Yukon.

But all this reminds me of our human life.

Do you know that God made humans to normally last a long time? The Bible infers that God originally made us to live forever. However, since Adam introduced sin into the human race, the Bible says in Psalm 90:10 (around 1400 BC or BCE), "Seventy years are given to us. Some live to eighty. But even the best years are filled with pain and trouble; soon they disappear, and we fly away."

My mother and grandparents lived into their 90s, and my father lived to 89, but some folk overheat and stall out along the side of life much earlier. Longevity of life often depends on genetics -- I understand that. But many people seem to just give up on life.

I've read that some soldiers in World War II with seemingly mortal wounds survived because they were determined to survive; while some others with no wounds pulled the cover over their heads and died. They just gave up, and that is disgusting.

As long as we are alive, most of us have the abilities to accomplish amazing feats. Like the Yukon, God made us to be resilient from the bottom up.

Life can present a temporary stall out, a long-term burnout, or a fatal crash -- it often depends on our outlook on life. But when we look at life on the positive side of the picture, life can be a relatively easy pull up the mountain.

Of course, we need to take care of ourselves. Eat properly, rest adequately, exercise, keep worry to a minimum -- or don't worry at all -- and keep a joyful attitude during tough times. The Bible says a joyful attitude is good medicine. So cooperate with God, and take care of yourselves.

Happy Trails To You, 'Til We Meet Again -- next week.

-- Gene Linzey is a speaker, author and mentor. Send comments and questions to The opinions expressed are those of the author.

Religion on 09/05/2018

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