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A preliminary plat development permit was approved by the planning and zoning commission that could lead to the development of a new residential subdivision.

The applicants, Man and Melinda Ngo of Yesss Development LLC, wanted to establish the preliminary plat as an initial step in the development of the "Sweet Home Subdivision," according to a city staff report. The subdivision would be located in an open field located at the intersection of the 2300 Block of North Mount Olive Street and North Carl Street.

The project is being carried out in two phases because the 24.43 acre field is comprised of 48 residential lots and one additional lot that comprises about half of this acreage, according to a city staff report. Due to this, the applicants are trying to avoid the expiration of this permit prior to the beginning of the second phase, which would entail the development of the remaining homes in the 49th lot.

The area is currently zoned as R-2 (residential, medium) and increased drainage generated from development would be adequately tended to by the use of a pond located in the southwest corner of the site, according to a city staff report. The development is also not expected to cause traffic problems and is consistent with the city's expectations for future growth and development for this area.

The permit will now be sent to the city board for final review during their Oct. 2 meeting. The commission also had a few other agenda items to consider, the results of which are summarized below.

• Unanimous approval to table the review of a lot split development permit for a property located at 14975 S. Hwy. 59 until the commission's meeting on Nov. 13.

• Unanimous approval of a final plat development permit -- subject to conditions -- for the 14.25 acre property located on the 23000 Block of Lawlis Road.

• In a vote of 6-1, the commission approved a code change that would impose increased landscaping regulations for property developments, which are largely intended to preserve green space. The dissenting vote was made by Commissioner Todd Colvin.

General News on 09/16/2018

Print Headline: Commission approves preliminary plat for new residential subdivision

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