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KANSAS, Okla. -- A Delaware County school has decided not to hold classes on Friday due to declining attendance after social media reported a school shooting was planned on Friday.

"There was nothing to it," said Phil Isom, High School principal, referring to the school shooting threats.

"There was inaccurate reporting on Facebook and it just took off," Isom said. "We have investigated and found no credible threats."

The Kansas Police Department is making checks throughout the day, he said.

"They continue to be in and out of the school's buildings checking everything," Isom said.

The 900-student population on three campuses was down by over one-third on Thursday, said Kansas Police Chief Mike Wilkerson.

"We are taking the threats seriously, but we haven't found anything credible," Wilkerson said. "But we are taking serious steps."

The culprit behind the social media explosion was a fight on school grounds on Monday, Wilkerson said.

"The fight was about a boy cheating on his girlfriend," Wilkerson said.

Two, possibly three, teachers were hurt in the mêlée and were taken to a doctor's office for treatment, he said.

On Tuesday, the first threat surfaced and spread from there, he said. Parents started posting on a social networking site they were taking their children out of school because they feared for their safety, Wilkerson said.

"Then it escalated to a school shooting planned for Friday," Wilkerson said.

The threats affected all three campuses, he said.

Two, possibly three, of the girls involved in the school fight live in a group home, Wilkerson said.

"They went to the doctor in Tulsa and escaped," Wilkerson said. "We think they are in Oklahoma City."

General News on 09/16/2018

Print Headline: Fallout from threat closes Kansas Schools

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