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The wrecking of American society

JBU Professor Preston Jones' recent guest column in the Democrat-Gazette, entitled "Death of thought" recounts his observations of a transition on college campuses in the past several years -- debate and reasoned thought have given way to one "political correct" standard.

With students and faculty, "diversity" is the watch-word; however, discourse that would involve diverse opinions and thinking isn't included. Students must be protected from the "stress" they could suffer from such harmful exposure--therefore, very little is allowed. After the protests when Mike Huckabee was invited to JBU, students then came to Professor Jones' political philosophy class wearing T-shirts emblazoned with leftists slogans; however, when he asked the meaning of the slogans, none could be given..

Young people in our institutions of learning are being indoctrinated with socialistic anti-Americanism, with no concept of our Founding Fathers precious gift of democracy and freedom -- which made America unique in all the world. Professor Jones believes this insidious decay of American ideals is gradually wrecking our society.

The demise of responsible parenting, brought about by the advice of so-called experts, is another of today's socially destructive factors. Mike Masterson's column "To spank or not" compared his upbringing with present-day child rearing-- although somehow, those spanked kids and their kids became "happy, productive, contributing adults."

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that corporal punishment can result in aggression, brain damage, substance abuse, and suicidal behavior (really?). This nonsense began in the early 1960s when my two sons were born -- "Don't say 'no,' you'll damage their psyche!" However, there is evidence that undisciplined children without guidelines feel insecure and actually are at risk.

In our schools, students' disruptive behavior, vulgarity, abusive threats, and uncooperative parents is a worsening burden. I've had this confirmed by several Siloam teachers, and my daughter-in-law who teaches in Houston. In too many homes children aren't taught responsibility and respect, but made to feel they're the center of the universe.

I recently witnessed today's parenting at a Cracker Barrel restaurant -- a child in a highchair enjoying a temper tantrum, kicking and crying non-stop Finally, the father carried him out, returned shortly, and the tantrum resumed. The mother carried him out, and their return was all smiles; the child was holding a beautiful, just purchased, toy fire truck. What lesson did that teach a spoiled little boy?

Barbara Foreman

Siloam Springs

Editorial on 01/09/2019

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor

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