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Every so often my conscious gets the better of me, especially when rehashing events that caused me to lose my temper at someone or something. I am a calm, mild-mannered person most of the time, but, lately, I find myself too easily angered. The majority of my rage occurs on the road and is confined to the interior of my truck. For these times, I feel the need to apologize.

I am sorry, Siloam Springs city worker, that I laid down on my horn and ran up within six inches of your city-owned utility truck. But you did pull out in front of me on Highway 59 as I approached the 412 overpass. You saw me coming but continued to pull out in front of me, causing me to brake quickly and slow to about 10 miles an hour. You maintained that speed until you turned left onto Kenwood. Oh, and please forgive the extended finger as well. "How's My Driving?" asks the sticker on your vehicle. Maybe the city of Siloam Springs should be made aware.

I apologize to the woman who, while occupying the center lane at the stoplight of Lincoln and Main, decided to turn left while I, legally in the left-turn lane, also turned. If I had not stopped to let you proceed ahead of me, you would have clipped the side of my beloved GMC Canyon. And, yes, I did follow you for several miles until you pulled into a parking lot. I did knock on your window and inquire as to whether you were experiencing any mental difficulties because you also ran two stop signs while I was following you. Perhaps it was your phone conversation that distracted you, because you insisted you did not see my vehicle or hear my honking as we narrowly avoided a collision. I do apologize for implying that you needed psychiatric help.

I am sorry, young Meth-addicted skinhead, that I rolled down my window and yelled at your toothless face. While I seriously doubt you could even comprehended my words, I am sure my one-fingered salute adequately conveyed my feelings. Please don't drive while high; your constant swerving in front of me and other drivers is not conducive to keeping your insurance rates from increasing.

For those drivers who don't understand the new stop-only-if-someone-is-in-the-crosswalk stop signs posted on downtown streets, please know that my exaggerated arm motions were meant only to educate you to KEEP MOVING. I will continue to wait, although impatiently, to turn onto Broadway from East Central street. It is not a 4-way stop, I cannot and will not proceed until traffic is clear. Do not think you are being kind by stopping and motioning me to proceed. You are inviting me to break the law. Please educate yourself as to the meaning behind the different kinds of stop signs.

And, lastly, I am genuinely, truly sorry for the horrible names and cursing I spewed your way, Miss BMW Driver, but almost being run over brings out the worst in me. I realize the recent construction in the XNA parking lot may have confused you. But really, when you are turning left while looking to your right, you are asking for trouble. The only thing that saved you from an involuntary manslaughter lawsuit was my ability to roll away from your front tire after being knocked down by your fender. Thanks to you, I do know that my cat-like reflexes still work! I sincerely apologize for the awful words out of my mouth, but you inquiring as to my condition and then laughing as I got up from the pavement did not help my emotional state at the time. Thank God we didn't end up on the same flight, that would have been awkward. My advice to you is to take an Uber to the airport. Pedestrians will be much safer.

Yes, making amends does feel good. But something tells me it may only last until I get behind the wheel again.

-- Devin Houston is the president/CEO of Houston Enzymes. Send comments or questions to The opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 01/30/2019

Print Headline: Reluctant apologies

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