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Do you know what was accomplished on July 4, 1776? No, we didn't gain our national independence. We didn't win the war against the Redcoats. We didn't establish a democracy.

Here it is: On July 4th, the colonists finally agreed on a statement and they signed it. That's right: they signed a paper stating their understanding of mankind, our relationship with God and with each other. And they declared their independence from Great Britain. What happened after that?

King George III didn't want to let the Bluecoats try their hand at creating and operating a country. He should have, but he didn't. The Colonists cried FREEDOM, but England called FOUL. So the king reached across the sea with his Red-coated arm to pull the rebellious child back into the prison of oppression.

But the Colonists were serious.

After signing that paper, the rag-tag colonial army consisting of farmers, store-owners, and teenagers fought a bloody eight-year war against the mighty well-groomed and well-supplied English Army. And, by the grace of God, the Colonists won!

But why did they want to separate?

It would take several books to answer that, but here is an ever-so-brief response.

The reason for separation goes back several hundred years, and is summed up in one word: FREEDOM! But freedom from what?

They wanted freedom to live, buy and sell, farm, and walk with their heads held high. But the root of the problem goes back to when Christians wanted to be free from the oppressive Catholic church. Then Christians wanted to be free from the oppressive Reformers. Later, Christians wanted to be free from the oppressive Church of England, and all the other politically-oriented national churches in Europe.

They wanted to live and breathe without having to look over their shoulders to see if the ever-present politically-correct thought police were watching.

So the oppressed eventually embarked upon the arduous trek across the Atlantic where they began forming their own life -- where they could live and worship freely. The initial mortality rate was astounding; but they would rather die than suffer under the cruel hand of depraved and ignorant men.

Many of you know the history from there. But why am I going through all this?

Ignorant and depraved politically-correct thought police are again beginning to oppress Christians.

Ignorant, because most of them don't understand life, man, or God. They actually put a higher value on the life of lizards and owls than on humanity. Depraved, because in their ignorance, they pass corrupt laws that destroy the sanctity of life, subvert the wisdom of God, and deny the integrity of those who live according to Holy Scripture.

Even as I write, California Assemblyman Evan Low and several dozen other state lawmakers are pushing a resolution that would give the state the authority to regulate what ministers of the Gospel teach from the Bible. Not only would we be deprived of teaching some Bible doctrine, we would also be forced to present material that is false both scripturally and scientifically.

On July 4, 1776, we declared, essentially, that we want to be a nation that operates with high moral, spiritual, and political values. But today's thought police do not agree. They, again, view Christians with disdain. Where we want to live freely and give others the same right, they have banded together to limit our rights.

Where Americans have the constitutional right to give our opinions on any matter as long as we are civil, the thought police say that merely giving our opinion is harassment, bigotry, and a hate crime. I find it interesting that if I give my Bible-based opinions about their beliefs, I am branded as being intolerant. But they can defame me, ridicule me, and criticize my faith: and that is declared free speech.

Yesterday I read that several college students (from different schools) were kicked out of class because they believed in the DNA-proven fact that there are only two genders in the human race. They were told to keep their beliefs to themselves.

But others who deny truth are encouraged to share their beliefs. Why?

Culture and the understanding of truth has turned around, and Christians are being oppressed again.

But the cry is the same: FREEDOM!

Freedom from what?


We shouldn't fight a war over this. Rather, we should employ common sense and place our confidence in truth as found in the Bible -- God's message to mankind. God's truth will ultimately prevail.

-- Gene Linzey is a speaker, author and mentor. Send comments and questions to Visit his website at The opinions expressed are those of the author.

Religion on 07/03/2019

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