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"The saints be praised!" Wow, I'll bet you haven't heard that old saying in a long time. Bet today's generation has never even heard those words or known the meaning they deliver ... they're probably as out-of-town as many of us (personal) who are unable to relate to today's sayings which will be memorable to the old timers of another day. Confession time: It's been a long time since that old saying crawled around in my gray matter, such as it is ... somehow it just popped up and deserves an explanation.

You remember that recent 'cuff about the hummingbirds who suddenly disappeared because of orioles, or heavy rains, or even little black ants? The feeders were being readied to be put away when ... yep ... you guessed it ... here came a lone hummer, and another, and another ... well, "The saints be praised" crossed the mind and a mixture of sugar and water and a little of that red stuff was readied for the returnees who had been missing for almost a couple of weeks. Someone reminded me that wild honeysuckle has been blooming and that tastes better than sugar water to those little fellers. Ain't it great that whatever crisis a species faces it finds an answer for self-preservation? "Miracles do happen." Whoops, there's another old-timer saying which is still very true.

As an aside, "Saints will be praised" who knows when ... when will the two most talked about crises facing our great nation be able to to be shoved into the oblivion of history? What two crises, you ask? Everyone has his/her (must be politically correct) idea of what crises have the nation in a choke hold. The two may be the immigration problem ... and the tangled political and party mess in Washington concerning the some-wanted impeachment of the president. There are many other crises, of course, such as the upcoming census, the unstable stock market which goes berserk at every burp or uncertainly anywhere in the world ... or "who in the devil?" Whoops, there goes another old saying; "who in the devil" is going to be the Democratic party's presidential candidate?

With twenty-several wannabes continually hitting the tube, could you imagine the convention next year will be in such a chaotic shouting match that a former cabinet member and one-time candidate for the office might end up being the pick to solve the problem? Hmmm, maybe not who you might think. I wouldn't advocate a return to the cigar-smoke-filled back room conventions being adopted again but ... that system did get us through dozens of crisis times. Too much "fake" news out there and so many wannabes unwilling to respect what our founding fathers provided in the constitution, many even promoting a socialist form of government ... don't those make a person shudder over what could happen?

Where will we be two or three years from now? Where will our children and grandchildren be, say 25 or 50 years from now? What crises will they be facing? Some that we created? What legacy is today's governing generation going to provide that they will be happy with? Or will they be saying, "What a mess they got us in!"?

How about a change of direction? Did you remember to fly your flag last Friday? Did you remember Flag Day has always been June 14? It has always been observed in memory of that day in 1777 when the Continental Congress adopted the "Stars and Stripes" as the official flag of the United States. Although not an official holiday, Flag Day was first officially observed a hundred years later, on June 14, 1877, and later President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14 Flag Day as an annual national celebration.

Calendars have always listed that date to help remind us of the importance of that day. Not this year! Many, many calendars completely omitted the message. Is that because we have individuals and groups who do not, will not, even stand to honor the sacrifices those heroes of yesterday suffered to preserve the honor of our great nation's symbols? There are those who mock those who fly their flags, even some subdivisions have prohibited flying the flag ... and, most sadly, there are even those who have achieved great success through the freedoms of our nation who will not stand as the flag goes by or when our National Anthem is played or sung. How have we come this far ... down? Disregard for the symbols of our country is based on "freedom of speech" as guaranteed in our constitution. Through smart decisions, the word "speech" now means any action a person may employ, be it protesting marches, destruction of property and even burning of the flag. So be it? Yes, action against the symbols that mark the sacrifices of millions is nothing more than ignorance.

Was the removing of the Flag Day message on our calendars "giving in" to those who protest in such unpatriotic ways? Maybe by next year, the date will be restored and, if not, marking our calendar as a reminder will help see our nation's flag flying throughout Westside Eagle Observer country. The Fourth of July -- Independence Day -- is right around the corner, a day that even the least patriotic should surely remember. Perhaps "the saints be praised." Yes, even "a miracle can happen" if all patriots will do their part. Let's fly those flags.

Dodie Evans is the former owner and long-time editor of the Gravette News Herald. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 06/19/2019

Print Headline: Sometimes a miracle happens

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