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Support for Boys and Girls State Program

The American Legion Siloam Post 29 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 29 wishes to thank the many individuals and local businesses in Siloam Springs and Gentry for their generous donations to this year's Boys and Girls State Program. There are 18 boys and 18 girls that will be participating in this year's week-long program of inspiration and educational activities that will be encouraging these young ladies and gentlemen with new ideas and situations where they will learn leadership skills and personal confidence, while learning the basic understanding of the government process at our state level.

Without the support of our local communities, the local American Legion family would not be able to provide this opportunity to the largest group ever. So, it is with heartfelt thanks we say once again "Thank you!" We all can be very proud of our community and their support. These girls and boys are a great testament to their parents and our local schools. We can all take pride in that!

J.W. and Carol Smith

Co-chairs, American Legion Boys and Girls State

Cowboy code: Respecting women

Growing up on the farm and working cows since I was 6, I always liked to think of myself as a cowboy and following the cowboy code. Yes, I did have a horse, but on Strawberry Ridge Road the terrain never was very conducive to rounding up cows on a horse. When I tried it a few times I ended up on the ground as much as when I was rounding them up on foot.

Which is probably a testament to my lack of cowboy talent as well as a testament to my Shetland pony's natural behavior to run under low tree limbs. But the cowboy code, as well as my parents, taught me to always show respect to women.

So in regard to all the goings on with the me-too movement and how women have been, and still are, mistreated and disrespected, by the entertainment world, political world, college fraternities and in some cases even the religious world, I'm so thankful that I was raised to always show respect.

I can remember hearing many sermons on the chapter in Corinthians that talks about how women should treat their husbands. And, yes, I have missed more than a few Sundays in church, but rarely have I heard a sermon on the next chapter where it talks about how husbands should treat their wives. Even in the Old Testament we learn that Moses granted divorce to some women because he knew their husbands were mistreating them.

Seems the women these days are trying real hard to stand up and make the men more accountable for their behavior.

I hope things will change in our society, but I don't believe they really will until more men start holding men accountable for their behavior.

Real men need to remember that every woman in this world is someone's mother, wife, daughter or sister. And, we better be treating every woman like they are.

I guess I've started wondering why in general the work place, business world, schools, universities, churches, communities, they don't seem to have a code for how to treat women, and hold those accountable who don't, like the cowboy's code does.

Maybe it's just that too many Leaders in the world were never taught, therefore they don't know how to lead by example.

Robert Honderich


Editorial on 05/29/2019

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor

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