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Tom Beckett is correct

In a recent letter, Tom Beckett corrected an "inaccuracy" in a letter I had previously written -- that he did not state socialism is a precursor to communism in a previous letter. He's right, and needs to know I was very aggravated and upset when I read what was printed in the paper, because what I actually said had been changed.

Since the Herald-Leader is not locally owned, the final editing and printing is not done here. A change was made to my statement regarding socialism being a precursor to communism. I actually wrote, "It's (it is) said that socialism is a precursor to communism," referring to a general opinion based on historical evidence. However, the change in the paper sounded as though referring to Mr. Beckett's letter.

Our country is under dire threat, and it's not just the plans most of the Democrat candidates would enact if they were elected our next president, but also what has happened to the younger generation of Americans. Polls show a majority no longer hold American traditions and patriotic ideals important. In our schools, there's a lack of patriotic activities and emphasizing the ideals on which America was founded; plus anti-American professors brainwashing young people in schools of higher learning.

Those are the threats to America, not Donald Trump.

Barbara Foreman

Siloam Springs

Editorial on 09/11/2019

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor

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