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An expression of gratitude to Phillips 66 employees

To the City of Siloam Springs, Siloam Springs Public Schools, and Siloam Springs Members of Public Safety: I would like to commend the staff of the Phillips 66 Store located on Mount Olive Street and Cheri Whitlock.

On Jan. 10, 2020, -- in the afternoon hours -- a tornado watch was issued and the Siloam Springs Public Safety activated the tornado alert sirens. The children from the intermediate school also located in the area, had already been released for the day.

Many of the children cross the street and wait for their parents at the Phillips 66 store.

I was in route to pick up my daughter from the store when the sirens sounded. My daughter texted me and was obviously scared. Upon my arrival to the Phillips 66 I was greeted by one of the employees at the door. This employee was looking for children outside that were walking by.

I noticed in the back of the store another employee with about 20 children in the hallway keeping them calm and safe. I was very touched at the way these employees took charge of such a potentially dangerous situation and kept a watchful eye on our children.

I think it is within our duty as a community to extend our gratitude to these individuals. On a later day I made contact with the store manager to express my personal thanks and to commend the employees for such a great job. The manager, Ms. Twila Kirby, informed me that this was a standard operation procedure that she has had in place for quite a time now. She introduced the employees that day as Ms. Geri McClendon and Tamara Younger.

I would like to see these individuals publicly recognized for the conduct they displayed on that day.

Austin "Audie" Tyler

Firefighter/EMT --Northwest Arkansas National Airport

Editorial on 01/29/2020

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor

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