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The sixth annual Sooner Athletic Conference Commissioner's Honor Roll was released on Tuesday afternoon, and a record 115 John Brown University student-athletes, more than 75 percent of those eligible, qualified for the list.

To be eligible for the Commissioner's Honor Roll, student-athletes must maintain a minimum 3.00 grade-point-average (GPA) during the previous academic year (two semesters).

"I am so proud of our student-athletes and their commitment to excellence in the classroom," said Robyn Daugherty, director of athletics. "In a world where athletic performance overshadows academic achievement, it is exciting to me to see over 70 percent of our student-athletes at a 3.00 or higher, especially at an institution where academics are very challenging."

For the first time ever, men's soccer paced all men's squads by placing 13 student-athletes (54 percent of those eligible) on the list, while women's soccer landed 21 (95 percent) of its roster on the list. All 15 (100 percent) of JBU volleyball student-athletes earned a spot on the list. Each intercollegiate program placed over 50 percent of its student-athletes on the roll.

Forty-three freshman earned the academic accolades in their first year of competition, while 53 John Brown honorees were selected for a consecutive academic year (46 percent).

The Commissioner's Honor Roll is presented by Cypress Risk Management, an Omaha, Neb.,-based insurance agency that specializes in providing customized solutions for collegiate student health and athletic accident insurance. The organization currently insures over 500,000 students nationwide and is already engaged with several other NAIA conferences in similar types of partnerships. Cypress Risk Management's partnership with the SAC gives it exclusive sponsorship to the newly-founded awards program that covers the 13 men's and women's NAIA-sanctioned sports the conference offers.

SAC Commissioner's Honor Roll


Quintin Bailey*^Men's Basketball

Braden Bayless*^Men's Basketball

Rokas Grabliauskas*^Men's Basketball

Luke Harper*^Men's Basketball

Kiree Hutchings^Men's Basketball

Nemanja Obradovic^Men's Basketball

Ira Perrier*^Men's Basketball

Kobe Robinson^Men's Basketball

Nathan Stolz^Men's Basketball

Drew Birnbaum^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Matthew Bloom*^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Aaron Capehart^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Eathan Devine*^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Parker Hale^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Ryan Knight*^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Ben Martin*^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Nathan Pearson*^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Chandler Stewart^Men's Cross Country / Track & Field

Will Vail^Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Nate Wertjes*^Men's Cross Country / Track & Field

Amilcar Gonzalez^Amilcar Men's Soccer

Luke Gumm^Men's Soccer

Micah Hermann*^Men's Soccer

Adrian Immel^Men's Soccer

Eli Jackson^Men's Soccer

Jens Keemers*^Men's Soccer

Cooper McCombs^Men's Soccer

Marcelo Mendes^Men's Soccer

Kelvin Omondi^Men's Soccer

Micah Smith^Men's Soccer

Ryan Smith*^Men's Soccer

Goncalo Verissimo^Men's Soccer

Britt Wisener*^Men's Soccer

Mitchell Berry*^Men's Tennis

Cade Cox*^Men's Tennis

Blake Cunningham^Men's Tennis

Noah Frederick*^Men's Tennis

Fletcher Kice^Men's Tennis

Kory Rash^Men's Tennis

Jordan Scoggins*^Men's Tennis

Stone Swieter^Men's Tennis

Logan Wheeler*^Men's Tennis

Woody Woodring*^Men's Tennis

Megan Beck*^Volleyball

Jillian Blackman^Volleyball

Carrie Ciesla*^Volleyball

Lauren Cloud^Volleyball

Lindsey Davis*^Volleyball

Morgan Fincham^Volleyball

Taylor Glover*^Volleyball

Sarah Laaker^Volleyball

Ellie Lampton^Volleyball

Jenna Lowery*^Volleyball

Kinzee Mayo*^Volleyball

Carly McKinney^Volleyball

Elizabeth Parrish*^Volleyball

Jessica Schultz^Volleyball

Jaden Williams*^Volleyball

Maddie Altman*^Women's Basketball

Sierra Bailey*^Women's Basketball

Taylor Fergen*^Women's Basketball

Jessica Goldman^Women's Basketball

Haley James^Women's Basketball

Jordan Martin*^Women's Basketball

Marta Matamala^Women's Basketball

K.J. Roh*^Women's Basketball

Kenzie Silkey^Women's Basketball

Tarrah Stephens^Women's Basketball

Ally Teague*^Women's Basketball

Lisa Vanoverberghe^Women's Basketball

Sara Williams^Women's Basketball

Cecile Bowen^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Elizabeth Brownell*^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Molly Brownell*^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Chloe Bryant^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Adrianna Feaster^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Abigail Hampton^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Sarah Ladehoff^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Sarah Larson^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Allika Pearson*^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Shea Sandefur^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Madelyn Shasteen^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Clancie Sorrell^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Lainee Stiver^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Taylor Stone^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Brooke Wilson^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Korey Winter^Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Natalie Aycock*^Women's Soccer

Maggie Bailey*^Women's Soccer

Chloe Griffin^Women's Soccer

Kristen Howell*^Women's Soccer

Kathryn Huff*^Women's Soccer

Sarah Hughes*^Women's Soccer

Megan Hutto^Women's Soccer

Emily Jordan*^Women's Soccer

Meghan Kennedy*^Women's Soccer

Kylie Kilfoy^Women's Soccer

Caitlyn Logan*^Women's Soccer

Alair Love*^Women's Soccer

Paige Martin^Women's Soccer

Grace McKinney*^Women's Soccer

Aubrey Mendez^Women's Soccer

Anne Metz^Women's Soccer

Sieanna Nealon*^Women's Soccer

Vanessa Reynoso^Women's Soccer

Emma Schoenberg^Women's Soccer

Anna Schuchardt*^Women's Soccer

Jadyn Engel*^Women's Tennis

Grace Lindquist^Women's Tennis

Salasha McBride^Women's Tennis

Rachel Merrill^Women's Tennis

Sabrina Paiz^Women's Tennis

Hayvnn Prude^Women's Tennis

Leah Scott^Women's Tennis

Sydney Smith*^Women's Tennis

* Indicates 2018-19 SAC Commissioner's Honor Roll Honoree

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