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My work involves transporting patients in wheelchairs for Guardian Angels. This takes me into hospitals, rehab centers, doctor's offices, and nursing homes. I get to meet very interesting people. I often encourage people about their prospects for recovery. Sometimes I pray with them. Our faith is an important factor.

I was in a nursing home recently that was prohibiting anyone but staff from entering. No visitors were being allowed. They were doing this for safety's sake. Of course, myself and medical staff wear masks, gloves, and protective garments any time we're around someone with a contagious disease or working with a patient susceptible to infection from others.

Because of the Covid-19 sickness, fear is gripping America. Alarming news is affecting frightened people. It is true that the elderly in nursing homes and people with underlying health conditions are most at risk. Around the globe, millions of people are stuck at home in self-isolation, a type of quarantine. Thousands of people on vacation are trapped on cruise ships along with a few sick travelers. The sickness is real enough, but the mass-induced hysteria is adding gasoline to the fire. It seems like the fear of this sweeping contagion is becoming as bad as the illness itself. Economically, the whole world is being rocked back on its heels as workers in factories stay home.

What are sensible people to do? Doctors advise that we take some precautions. Get a flu vaccination. Wash your hands frequently. Don't touch your face. Disinfect surfaces. Avoid big crowds. Stay home from work if you have symptoms like fever, runny nose, or dry cough. Otherwise, go about your life and don't panic. This will eventually pass.

When trouble is brewing or anxiety is growing, I like the reassurance that can be found in God's word. When fear runs rampant, we need a safe place to stand. To me, that's found in the Rock of my salvation, the Lord. Human resources fail, but God's love never ceases. His kingdom is unshakeable. My security comes from having faith. How can we plug into this place of peace? How do we find shelter under his wings?

Let me explain how faith works. The Bible reveals that the way we can relate to the Lord is by taking his word seriously. We trust in God to the same degree we believe his word. We don't treat God's word any differently than we treat God. If you love God, you'll love his word. He's as good as his word. He cannot lie. He means what he says and says what he means. His word is true.

In Psalms 91, there are precious promises from God to anyone who trusts in Him. This includes freedom from a plague. Take time to read it for yourself. In any translation, the promise of God is that if you stay close to him, you'll be protected by his holy angels.

If you've heard me teach about divine healing - what the Bible says about answers to prayer, miracles and healings - then you know I'm not an extremist. God uses physicians, drugs, exercise, rest, and diet as well as divine healings and miracles of recovery; some instantaneous. I've seen many people healed. I believe God's word. Jesus is the same today as He was then.

Jehovah told Israel to practice hygiene long before Pasteur discovered that germs cause disease. The Lord wants us to wash our hands, not smoke, and not overeat. I believe in miracles, but I brush my teeth. When my doctor can't help me, the Great Physician is on call.

-- Ron Wood is a writer and minister. Email him at [email protected] or visit The opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 03/18/2020

Print Headline: Fear versus Faith

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