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It's not too late!

East Main project stalled, coming to vote. The long awaited and needed East Main improvement design has some glaring errors ... as I see the plans have no center turn lane. A center turn lane is drastically needed. Any that use this road are aware of congestion waiting to turn at Britt, Gunter and Hico. For the first few blocks starting at Maxwell, the curb to curb width is already there, as well as sidewalks; it just needs marking.

This would be a cost savings.

Also I see 8-foot pedestrian pathways , both sides. Do we really need 8-foot sidewalks? Both sides? But no turn lane? There are many, many streets in Siloam Springs with no sidewalk, either side. Might be good idea to put a 4-foot walk in existing neighborhoods first. That's money better spent.

A round about at Washington? Ridiculous. The intersection of Hico and Tahlequah is in need of improving far more.

I read we are obligated to pay the engineers their overpriced fees. I would suggest that they might be willing to negotiate. Future work should be a compelling reason.

It's not too late.

Chris Willis

Siloam Springs

Editorial on 05/20/2020

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor

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