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50 years Ago

From the Herald and Democrat in 1970

A tornado touched down in Siloam Springs, doing a moderate amount of damage and putting Siloam in the column with a number of other communities to be struck that day.

According to eye witnesses, the twister was white, unlike the conception most of us have of a gray funnel.

There was a report of damage southeast of town and two trailers were moved from their foundations in rosebud Trailer Park. The twister damaged the roof of the home next door to the trailer park.

From there, the tornado apparently skipped over to the Eastgate Addition, on the east side of the city, knocking down only a billboard on its way.

Heavy damage was done to a concrete block storage building behind the Eastgate DX station and the roof of Councilman Jim Hartley's home was damaged.

The twister then skipped over the newer homes in Eastgate Addition doing damage to a number of homes there.

The tornado did other scattered damage on out east of town and then, apparently, dissipated.

25 years Ago

From the Herald-Leader in 1995

'More buck for your bang'

Jessica VanDyck, a former student in Siloam Springs schools and daughter of Dr. Larry and Genia VanDyck and granddaughter of Gene and Zella Longcrier, killed a 10-point buck with black powder. VanDyck was drinking hot chocolate and embroidering when the deer walked under her stand. By the time she had made the switch to her gun, the deer was walking away. VanDyck whistled and the deer turned to look. With only a fleeting moment to react, VanDyck shot the deer.

10 Years Ago

From the Herald-Leader in 2010

The Siloam Springs ninth grade boys improved to 3-3 on the year with a 40-36 win against Decatur at the Northwest Arkansas Invitational at Pea Ridge High School.

Dylan Gray led the Panthers with 13 points, while Reece Goddard added 10 points.

The Panters fell behind 12-0 to start the game but came back in the second quarter to lead 20-19 at halftime.

Siloam Springs was scheduled to play against the winner of the game between Bentonville Black and Gentry.

The Siloam Springs girls jumped to an early 14-2 lead in a 46-12 rout of Decatur in the opening round of the Northwest Arkansas Invitational.

The Lady Panthers improved to 6-0 on the year and were scheduled to play again at Pea Ridge Middle School against the winner of the game between Rogers and Pea Ridge.

Leah Bergthold led Siloam Springs with 13 points while Morgan Miller had seven points.

Savannah Smith led Decatur with nine points.

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