HEALTHY LIVING: Keep your child's health on track

Siloam Springs Regional Hospital
Siloam Springs Regional Hospital

Timely attention to your child's health, especially in the midst of covid-19, is essential for his or her appropriate development and long-term wellness. Maintaining good health can minimize your child's risk for infection, and Siloam Springs Family Medicine is here to help you as your children grow.

Annual well-visits track whether your child is growing and developing appropriately at every stage, whether a child or adolescent. A comprehensive assessment through screenings, a complete physical exam, vaccines and laboratory testing can help determine if your child is meeting milestones in language, development and physical growth, and it is an opportunity to talk about anything from medicines and illnesses to injuries and behavior issues.

Regular doctor visits over time can keep your child current on immunizations and help with the early identification of issues such as eye problems, anemia or diabetes.

Practices have adopted numerous precautions to keep you and your children safe in the time of covid-19. These include asking all who enter our facilities to verify that they do not have covid symptoms or recent exposure to the virus. This includes patients, visitors and employees. Facemasks are still required and our caregivers continue to use other appropriate personal protective equipment, along with handwashing before and after each patient. Our normal deep cleaning processes are already intense and we are cleaning with increased frequency and taking extra measures whenever necessary. Efforts also have been made to enable social distancing, by rearranging furniture, reducing time in waiting rooms and limiting the number of people in certain areas. Strict safety standards are always a top priority so that you can come to us confidently -- knowing we are here for you, a safe place, and ready to provide the care you need.

While Siloam Springs Family Medicine is open and seeing patients in the office by appointment, virtual visits are also offered. Virtual visits are appropriate for stomach aches, headaches, rash and some other conditions. Some elements of a well exam can be provided virtually, but telehealth visits should be followed up with a timely in-person visit. The clinical team also can answer some questions over the phone if a parent needs medical advice regarding a child.

We understand parents have concerns and we remain available to help you, particularly at this time. Call Siloam Springs Family Medicine when you need help and come into the clinic to help keep your child's health on track. The practice is committed to the health and well-being of its patients and their families and following all recommended steps to keep you and your children safe.

Janet Bilyeu, APRN, can treat routine infections or injuries and help with adolescent health concerns such as menstrual care and depression screening. Bilyeu, of Siloam Springs Family Medicine, is accepting new patients of all ages -- infants, children and adults. Same-day appointments are available. To schedule an appointment today, call 479-215-3035. Siloam Springs Family Medicine is located at 3721 E. U.S. 412 Highway in Siloam Springs. Walk-ins are welcome.