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Letter to the Editor

July 28, 2021 at 5:24 a.m.

What difference does it make?

Holy boldness on the part of reader Jonathan Marks prompts me to applaud his recent letters in rebuttal to Oren Piper's ludicrous rantings.

Surely, there are many other Christians in our community who appreciate Marks' comments as I do.

Piper, an avowed atheist (having stated so publicly), perhaps isn't as atheistic as he supposes. We find him often quoting, though usually out of context, passages from a book of which he doesn't believe its author exists. His purpose in commenting on it is always either a vain effort to disprove it, or to criticize and condemn some believer for their supposed failures to comply with its principles and commands.

If the author doesn't exist, what difference does it make if someone obeys or disobeys its contents?

Piper will never be able to refute its authenticity or destroy it. Many have tried. But it is forever established in heaven and God declared though heaven and earth shall pass away, His Word never will.

As often as Piper seems to feel the necessity of "contributing," perhaps he should have his own column; preferably not in the local paper -- maybe in one of the liberal papers in the northeast.

Thanks, Jonathan Marks, and others like you.

Charles Yancey

Siloam Springs

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