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Heritage Festival to shine a light on Siloam Springs’ history

n The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday in Twin Springs Park. by Spencer Bailey | June 22, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

For places like Siloam Springs, a rich history is the perfect reason to bring the community together and celebrate.

Rebecca Clendenen, a coordinator for this year's Heritage Festival, says attendees can expect some exciting things, and that the focus on the history of Siloam Springs is stronger than ever.

"This festival started in 1880," she said. "There was a time when the Heritage Festival brought thousands and thousands of people from all over; Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, areas all around Siloam Springs. This festival has had many different names over the years, but it goes back to the very beginning, back to the heart of Siloam Springs. It's celebrating that we are members of this community."

The festival will be held at Twin Springs Park this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Clendenen says that she hopes the festival this year will shine a light on the fascinating history of Siloam Springs, and bring younger generations in to carry the storytelling torch.

"We are at a moment in Siloam Springs history where we need new generations of people to step up and get involved and get inspired," she said.

She continued, saying "The ultimate goal is to create a sense of attachment to this place, and to create an appreciation of Siloam Springs that inspires people to protect and contribute to the history. We are trying to make sure people know the history and know what makes Siloam Springs special."

In addition to the 18 organizations and businesses that have committed to appearing, Clendenen says that guests can expect quilters, historians, storytellers and reenactors to join together for this year's Heritage Festival, which is expected to be notably larger than last year's.

Clendenen's mission for this year's festival is simple, she says. "My vision for it is trying to revive the community spirit of Siloam Springs. No matter where I am, Siloam Springs is home, and I want others to feel that."

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