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OPINION: 50 ways to ‘cool down’

by By Maylon Rice | June 22, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

I'll suffer no shame in dropping the politics from this column this week.

It is just too darn hot and in the middle of a 90-degree plus forecast for the next two weeks to get people all worked up over politics.

It is brutally hot, as in the outside temperatures, not political persuasions, is what I am writing about.

Readers always tell me they like this kind of break from world-shaking affairs.

So, enjoy this list and try to stay cool this summer:

1. Don't lose your cool at others, especially those who disagree.

2. Keep your cool -- all the time.

3. Rise early and enjoy the cool, pre-dawn time; it's magnificent.

4. Run though that yard sprinkler. Act like you are five years old again.

5. Eat a really big vanilla ice cream cone.

6. Crunch up some big ice cubes and fill a cup -- now chow down on the result for the next 30 minutes or so.

7. Seek the shade of a really old tree.

8. Wear seersucker (if you got it). Linen if you dare. Cotton will be cooler.

9. Catch a breeze underneath a shade tree -- and stay with it.

10. Chill a big watermelon, an Arkansas Black Diamond, and then dive right in for the delicious icy treat.

11. Now, eat another big ice cream cone -- make this one a dark chocolate.

12. Walk far out into the open spaces late at night -- look up at the stars.

13. Turn up the ceiling fan too high.

14. Read "Polar Express" and other weather titled tomes.

15. Cube up a big cantaloupe. Set it in the fridge. Eat it later. Yum. Yum.

16. Pour yourself a big glass of sweet tea. Let it sit till it is indeed ice cold and the glass is sweating. Now it is ready. So are you.

17. Dive into the middle of a big, juicy Key lime pie.

18. Drink a big old RC Cola, if you can find one. If not, choose a brand and flavor new to you.

19. A cold fruit salad sounds really nice. Maybe a big wedge of tomato on the side will be just as good.

20. Break out the loose-fitting Hawaiian shirts or the big T-shirts.

21. Toss away those hot shoes -- sandals are in.

22. Take short naps in the heat of the day. Nap outside in the twilight hours too.

23. Remember the deep and frigid winter snows.

24. A big, cold, banana pudding sure sounds good.

25. Start your Christmas card list.

26. Soak those tired feet in cool water; toss in an ice cube or two.

27. Break out the talcum powder for those itchy spots.

28. Eat a whole juicy Johnson County peach with the juice running down your chin. Or some local blueberries will fill that bill too.

29. Wear that big floppy brimmed hat -- everywhere.

30. Always remember -- it is hotter down in Fort Smith and Little Rock than in NW Arkansas.

31. Read the magazines first. Bills, look at them later.

32. Retire to the public library. It is always cool there.

33. Turn off the TV and turn on the jazz music. Now crank up the volume.

34. Pick the guitar. If you don't pick, then listen to someone who does.

35. Have a cold one. A real, icy cold one. Have a second one -- why not?

36. Fan yourself with a hand-held fan -- if you can find one. If not any old magazine or even a paper plate will do.

37. Re-tell an old joke that makes folks laugh. In fact, laughter can, we all know, abate the heat.

38. Eat cold fried chicken. With coleslaw and cold BBQ beans.

39. Encourage the neighbors to crank some homemade ice cream -- you will surely help eat it.

40. Wear a smile. That always cools down some folks.

41. Run out into those short summer rains. Let it soak you down.

42. Go to the area pools and local aquatic parks.

43. Drive way out in the country with all the windows down.

44. Eat a spoonful of local honey. Sweet and cool.

45. Make you a big tomato sandwich, mayo, white bread and a big, red juicy center of tomato.

46. Arrive at the office a little late. Leave a little early.

47. Eschew socks, men -- when you can. Hosiery is out, gals; even knee highs need to go.

48. Soak down that mid-sized hand towel. Drape it around the back of your neck.

49. Get a really short haircut. Feel the breeze you were missing.

50. And, lastly, just chill out.

Winter will be here soon. I promise.

And red hot politics, I promise you, will be back soon making us all "hot" under the collar.

-- Maylon Rice is a former journalist who worked for several northwest Arkansas publications. He can be reached via email at [email protected] The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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