Chamber hosts honors luncheon for high school seniors

Spencer Bailey/Siloam Sunday Dr. Ed Ericson speaks to a group of seniors at the honors luncheon.
Spencer Bailey/Siloam Sunday Dr. Ed Ericson speaks to a group of seniors at the honors luncheon.

The Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Siloam Springs High School Honors Graduate Luncheon at John Brown University on Thursday, taking time to honor students for their achievements.

The event featured 38 graduating seniors, each of which were represented by a sponsor from the community.

"It's a very special event," said Superintendent Jody Wiggins. "Our honors luncheon is something that I look forward to every year because it's a bridge between our business community and our kids. We're connecting business leaders with high school leaders who are the future leaders of our community."

Wiggins continued, saying, "I look forward to business leaders having the opportunity to see the product of our school system. Today is a special day where we are celebrating the best of the best."

Of the 38 students recognized during the program, there were 22 high honor graduates with a 3.90 GPA or above and 10 honors credits, and 16 honor graduates with a 3.65 GPA or above and 10 honors credits. This is about 13 percent of the entire graduating class of 297.

Arthur Hulbert, the president and CEO of the chamber, opened the meeting by applauding the students' resilience.

"You guys have had to face many challenges out of the ordinary and in the face of disappointment, like events being canceled or greatly modified, or going back and forth with e-learning," Hulbert said.

He continued, saying, "I want you to know that these challenges that each of you have faced reflects how flexible and adaptable you are, and it has better prepared you for difficult seasons of life, and each of you will have a brighter future as a result."

Hulbert also took time to discuss how the students couldn't have done it alone, spurring a round of applause for the teachers and parents in the room.

Other speakers at the event included Ed Ericson, the vice president of academic affairs at JBU, Joe Donaldson, co-owner and president of Sam's Furniture Outlet Store, and Rob Lindley, the principal of Siloam Springs High School.

The luncheon continued with each sponsor giving a brief presentation about the achievements and involvement of their honors graduate, as well as each graduate receiving a plaque denoting their high achievement.

photo Spencer Bailey/Siloam Sunday Guests eat a meal at the 45th annual honors luncheon.
photo Spencer Bailey/Siloam Sunday A sponsor presents their graduate at the 45th annual honors luncheon.