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LETTER: Siloam Springs is at a crossroads

by By Kent Eldon Wyatt, Siloam Springs | May 17, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Siloam Springs is at a crossroads

A small group of individuals has formed the "Unite Siloam" movement to recall two of our city board members (the group admits it would recall four, but two are newly elected and not eligible for recall). I have reviewed the group's internet presence, listened to the public comments they have given at the board meetings, watched the various people involved -- the other issues they seem to be for or against, who they interact with, who they fist bump when leaving the podium and generally tried to assess the core actors who are driving Unite Siloam. As a retired cop, I watch people, trying to take the temperature of the situation, and I believe Siloam Springs is at a crossroads.

Though this group, of what appears to be left-leaning individuals, is trying to make this all about the "firing" of Phillip Patterson as City Administrator, in the end, it will be about control. Who will have the greatest voice in Siloam Springs' future? Will it remain conservative Christian or will it embrace the madness so much of our country has? This is how communities change, how nations change.

We moved to Siloam Springs because of its conservative Christian values. Mr. Patterson was hired about the same time and the flavor of the town began to shift. I watched as Siloam began to flirt with the "woke" and "progressive" side.

The majority of Siloam residents don't want to see that happen, as evidenced by the election of the four strong conservatives who voted to terminate Mr. Patterson's contract. There is no great mystery as to why. Mr. Patterson explained it well in his letter. The conservative board members are looking for different leadership.

The few core voices of Unite Siloam have unleashed a barrage of repetitious public comments against the conservatives at the board meetings. It reveals their fear of conservative Christian views.

Unite Siloam has practiced slick marketing. My fear is that some in Siloam are being lured into thinking this is about personalities when it is really about keeping Siloam out of the mess that is happening elsewhere. This is the world we are making for our grandchildren. If you think it can't happen here, then I would say that puts us one step closer already. If you signed the petition and after consideration would like to have your name removed, contact the City Clerk at 479-524-5136 or [email protected]

Kent Eldon Wyatt

Siloam Springs

Print Headline: Siloam Springs is at a crossroads


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