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LETTER: Appreciative of Director Allen’s comments

by By Rebekah Wyatt, Siloam Springs | May 31, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Appreciative of Director Allen's comments

I was thankful that the "vision for Siloam Springs," that city director David Allen gave at the May 16 city board meeting was highlighted in the Herald-Leader on May 24. Newspaper articles have to be concise, but I think the citizens of Siloam Springs would benefit from hearing more of his comments.

Director Allen ended his report by addressing, "What generations have worked for and strived for, and have truly been offended by the sudden left turn into an ideology that a majority don't believe in or support, and certainly didn't have a say or a vote, to force this change in city culture. The majority of citizens in our city are not a party to, or supportive of, the vastly different mindset of 'wokeness' or belief in a system supporting an unlimited number of genders or gender fluidity that flies in the face of everything that science has proven for millennia, not to mention the most published and most read book in history...the BIBLE.

"I don't speak for this board...but I speak for enough citizens to know what I have understood -- that a majority will not tolerate or abide by the ruination or corruption of the next generation of children growing up in Siloam Springs. So, my vision is also about values, and the bedrock of values that built our fair city to become the independent safe home on the west side of Benton County.

"I want to see our city get back to celebrating life and everything that our city offers -- not to divide by culture or politics or the elite vs. the working person. I absolutely hate to see anyone taking lessons from the folks in Washington D.C., to portray a culture of division, of divide & conquer, as a face of 'unity,' when it is clearly not."

I praise God for Director Allen speaking against the deception that is masquerading as the opposite of what it really is. Lies are being seeded into people's minds, and those people may spiral into more confusion and be lost, taking this generation and the next with them. The most loving thing we can do for them is be courageous enough to tell them the truth.

Christians only have an audience of one -- our Creator. We love all, but we serve Him!

Rebekah Wyatt

Siloam Springs.

Print Headline: LETTER: Appreciative of Director Allen’s comments


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