Haak receives Opportunity Defender Award

Photo submitted Representative Delia Haak (R-17) poses with Nic Horton at the Opportunity Arkansas meeting in August.

Arkansas State Representative Delia Haak (R-17) received the Opportunity Defender Award from Opportunity Arkansas Foundation.

Haak received the award because when Opportunity Arkansas released its first Opportunity Scorecard, which scored 19 bills from the 2023 legislative session that either advanced or threatened opportunity for the next generation of Arkansans, Haak and several other legislators scored over 90 percent of the time to protect opportunity, said Nicholas Horton, the founder of Opportunity Arkansas.

"I'm a big believer that, as Scripture says, honor should be given where honor is due," Horton said. "So all of these legislators received Opportunity Defender awards from our organization, Opportunity Arkansas Foundation."

Horton also said that Haak was for the people and the next generation of Arkansas and that he was proud to come to Siloam Springs to present her with this award.

"We have a lot of work left to do to simplify government and solve Arkansas's generational problems," Horton said. "But thanks in part to Rep. Haak, we are well on our way."

The other state reps who received Opportunity Defender Awards were:

Representative Rebecca Burkes (R-11).

Representative Grant Hodges (R-14).

Representative Austin McCollum (R-8).

Representative Kendon Underwood (R-16).

  photo  Photo submitted Five Arkansas state representatives received Opportunity Defender Awards during the August meeting of Opportunity Arkansas. Pictured are (left to right) Representative Rebecca Burkes (R-11), Opportunity Arkansas Founder Nic Horton, Representative Grant Hodges (R-16), Representative Kendon Underwood (R-16), and Representative Delia Haak (R-17). Not pictured is Representative Austin McCollum (R-8).